Professional Services for Business in China - A Louie Associates

Albert Louie is the Founder and CEO of A. Louie Associates Limited in Hong Kong. 

Albert was born in Beijing and spent several years in Guangdong prior to immigration to Canada with his family when he was a teenager. He completed his higher education in Canada, having studied at the University of British Columbia where he graduated with a B.A. in economics, and subsequently earned his Executive MBA degree at Rutgers, New Jersey State University, U.S.A.

He is tri-lingual, being fluent in English, Mandarin and the Cantonese dialect. He holds diplomas in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and in English Translation & Interpretation from the Geneva Institute in Vancouver, Canada.

Albert has vast knowledge and experience in risk management and crisis resolution, as well as extensive hands-on experience in asset management and enforcement. Before founding his own organization, Albert joined Kroll Associates, a leading global risk management and consultancy corporation. Albert established Kroll Associates in Beijing in 1996.  He became its Senior Director and Founding Chief Representative, and was responsible for Kroll’s China/Asia operations. In this capacity, he dealt with and successfully resolved countless complicated risk management and crisis resolution cases and business conflicts for clients.

Albert is accustomed to operating in a multicultural setting, having worked with expatriates of various nationalities in Hong Kong and China where he lived for the last 20 years. He understands both Western and Chinese ethos, their business mentality and modus operandi.

Over the years, Albert acted successfully for numerous clients in risk mitigation response and crisis solutions, providing in-depth due diligence, and in conjunction with clients developed extremely effective strategies for risk management .

Albert is first and foremost a businessman, and has wide-ranging business experience. He understands business, thinks business, talks business and works seamlessly with clients on investigating, exploring and analyzing pragmatic solutions to resolve business crises and problems. Albert is consulted on the resolution of business crises for his experience, insights and understanding of Chinese business culture and the intricacies and subtleties of doing business in China, the nuances of which often escape the Westerner. He has advised many foreign clients on the proper formulation of Chinese business strategies and their implementation.