Crisis Resolution

"To know that you do not know is the best. To think you know when you do not is a disease. Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it. The wise are free of disease, because they recognize the disease as a disease. Therefore they are free of disease."


The safe, efficient, and uninterrupted operation of a business is vital to its success. A crisis can be any pivotal or extreme happening that causes serious harm to the interests of the business. This event destabilizes and disrupts the normal running of the business unless swiftly and properly dealt with.

Continuity of the business has to be maintained to avoid irreparable damage to the company’s reputation, staff morale, market share, and loss of credibility. The object of crisis management is to plan for and respond to unexpected and severe events which could trigger a corporate crisis and cripple the operations of the company.

To ensure the safe and smooth running of the business, we work in concert with clients on advanced strategic planning. This involves the setting up of systems and back up procedures, and emergency response to maintain business continuity and normal operations in the event of a crisis.

There are three key phases of handling a crisis in China:

Ensure the catalytic event does not accelerate or the existing situation does not worsen.


Deal timely with the media and public relations, government or regulatory authorities, customers, clients and shareholders.


Restore the status quo to the greatest extent possible in the shortest period of time.


Understanding that a crisis has many facets, we help clients detect, manage and resolve a crisis in conjunction with their management team, legal advisors, public relations, investor relations and government relations personnel.

Whether clients are trying to manage an industrial dispute, contractual disagreement, labor unrest, internal fraud, and factory or office closure, we offer comprehensive crisis management solutions for a diverse range of crisis situations. We help clients accomplish their need to be fully prepared for all contingencies.

We have an experienced China crisis management team with an impressive résumé of critical skills and an exceptional track record. Our integrated approach includes the use of our large network of professionals within China to assist us in managing and dealing effectually with serious problems discreetly, quickly and cost effectively.



Management Vacuum Resolved, Media Attack Averted
A sudden change in the management structure at its China operation by a German MNC resulted in the resignation of the top 3 Chinese managers. In addition to creating an unsustainable management vacuum, the disgruntled management team also planned a media attack on the company.

A. Louie worked with headquarters to identify a crisis plan for new management brought in from other regions and negotiated with the previous management team and were able to get them to discontinue their intended media campaign of accusations. This kept operations intact and protected the company’s good name and reputation.

Potentially Violent Backlash Resolved by Working in Conjunction with Public Security Bureau
A Japanese plant manager slapped a local Chinese company employee. Word of the event quickly spread around the plant and the manager was forced to barricade himself in his office. A. Louie worked with the company's overseas headquarters to negotiate resolution with the plant employees and evacuate the key management team, in conjunction with the local Public Security Bureau.