Professional Services for Business in China - A Louie Associates

A. Louie Associates Ltd (“A. Louie”) is a leading business risk management and crisis solutions consultancy, and business strategy firm specializing in the China market with a proven track record of success. We have deep local knowledge of the China market, the way business is transacted and its many challenges. A. Louie assists clients with difficult decisions and helps them resolve complex problems associated with doing business in China.

Albert Louie, the Founder and CEO, leads a team of professionals, eminently qualified in their areas of responsibility, including principals who are Western educated and bi-lingual or tri-lingual (English, Mandarin and Chinese dialect), and have considerable experience of doing business in China.

We have over the years cultivated a broad network of local contacts in government, and maintained positive relations with government departments and people in the industry. We have also established a far-reaching and indispensable network of associates operating in different provinces of China. These associates are local people from diverse backgrounds who know the local business setting and practices. They speak the local dialect, have their own extensive network of local contacts, and possess local knowledge including the who’s who in the local community.