China Business Strategy

Doing business in China requires the development of an effective government relations strategy. We have many years of experience dealing with government at various levels (national, provincial, district, city, etc.) in China, and understand the best approach and most productive manner of interacting with bureaucratic officials. If you understand the way they function, which varies depending on the level of bureaucracy and the area, and know how to work, collaborate and cooperate with them, you can avoid unnecessary difficulties, and get your work done relatively smoothly.

We advise clients on the handling of government working relationships and collaborations, and work with them on crafting their government relations strategy with particular regard to dealing and interacting with government departments and officials in the area of their business operations. Establishing such strategy will minimize misunderstandings and problems with the relevant authorities, and ensure the unhindered operation of clients’ businesses.

Furthermore, through our extensive nationwide network, we work regularly with government officials to ensure that our clients understand the local regulatory framework and policy demands, and are on top of any changes in administrative law and regulations. 

Government relations is not merely a function of acting when a problem arises; it is a proactive process. Once an acute problem occurs with a business in China which involves the authorities, it is usually too late to begin cultivating working relationships to address serious issues that have arisen. We work together with clients on devising a proactive government strategy as part of their corporate policy.

We have spent many years developing and nurturing relationships in China and we are always ready to assist whenever clients need us. 


Many businesses in China must regularly engage with government officials. Sometimes such interactions break down. It is highly advisable to bring in an effective third party (experienced in government negotiations and familiar with Chinese language and culture) early in proceedings to avoid any breakdown of such relationships.

We have a proven government relations and problem-solving track record. In numerous cases our government liaison services were invaluable to clients in negotiating on their behalf with the authorities and resolving delicate situations agreeably. We are happy to offer our services in this regard if you need our assistance.


Finding Solutions by Working with Local Government Departments
In a contract dispute between a MNC and a local Chinese JV partner, A. Louie identified areas where the local partner had violated JV agreement to the MNC’s lawyers. We worked with local government officials and the management team to negotiate a mutually acceptable solution that enforced the JV agreement and kept operational efficiency intact.